Oxford High School SADD Club

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Meeting Minutes

One meeting down, a whole years worth to go! Seeing as how there has only been one meeting, there can't be any archived meeting minutes...but we'll keep you posted!

Orion/Oxford Community Coilition

Ok...heres the deal...we (teenagers) need to get more involved in the community...so, Josh, Laura, and Alex, have all joined the Orion/Oxford Community Coilition. This is a great organaztion of concerned adults who are willing to make our cities great! One of their big goals is to increase teen membership, and eventually build a teen/youth center where we can hang out, grab a bite to eat, and screw around without paying a lot of money...

Possible events for 2001-2002

Mc SADD days (2)

Middle School SADD dance

High School SADD dance

State Police driving simulators

SADD car

Minutes - July 15, 2001

Christina Wolfe discussion

New member shirts and $15 dues discussion

Possible outings

Talk about Orientation

Discuss Website

Officer elections - after first marking period


No previous meetings

Next Meeting: Thursday September 13